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Truth behind Sisi’s reward to the national soccer team

After receiving the great news of Egypt’s qualification for the World Cup, the enthusiasm didn’t last that long for some. As soon as President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has announced a reward of 1.5 million pounds to each player of the national team, debate started about wasting public fund of the team’s reward during such a hard time for Egypt’s economy.

But little do they know; this money hadn’t come from the state’s treasury according to many officials. Egyptian Youth Minister Khaled Abdel Azizi said in a televised statement, on privately-run TV channel ‘Sada El-Balad’, that the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) has many sponsors that may be able to donate up to 400 million EGP.

Abdel Aziz stated that Egypt’s general budget does not have the resources to support the rewards for the national football team players.

Hani Abu Reda, the president of the EFA echoed Abdel Aziz in a sports talk show.

In addition to that, due to the regulations of FIFA, it is set to pay $2 to each of the 32 participant teams for the 2018 World Cup to help them prepare for the tournament.

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