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The Secrets Behind Success with Dr. Mahmoud Mostafa

It has raised our attention that there is a distinguished law firm in the Egyptian market that has earned a great legal trust in the corporate and investment field. So, we met Dr. Mahmoud Mostafa Abdallah, the Executive Manager of MM Law Firm and asked him about the reason behind the firm’s success.

What are the obstacles investors face nowadays in Egypt?

In fact, the General Authority for Investments in Egypt is exerting tremendous and unprecedented efforts to eliminate any difficulty or obstacle that investors face, but there are still some obstacles. However, the Egyptian government is seeking solutions for them, especially in the free and economic zones due to their special nature and the rapid security inquiry for some nationalities. We expect the new investment law to eradicate any obstacles as the Egyptian government firmly believes in the benefits of investment and its importance for the growth of the Egyptian economy.

What is the “Business Central Station”?

This program is about developing a standardized system to manage all the legal procedures related to establishing companies in Egypt. “This system allows investors to start the legal procedures in one place”, so the investor does not disturb himself with any obstacles in his way to start his business. We take care of everything he or his business might need, starting from offering the suitable project in Egypt and market study to settling all legal issues and registering his business. However, our role does not end here. We continue supporting and protecting his business by monitoring his operation in Egypt, protecting the business and the employees as well.


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