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Intellectual cities: a model to follow in Egypt

Lydia Elewa, director of the research department at the Ministry of Environment, discussed main environmental challenges in Egypt during the Intelligent Cities Exhibition and Conference 2017 which took place on Monday Oct. 23.

She also shed the light on the sustainable city in Sheikh Zayed and pointed to the importance of applying the same strategy in different cities. She concluded by calling for a shift to more environmental friendly products and replacing the regular bulbs to the LED one, an energy friendly alternative.

In the same context, Ahmed Sorour, the communication and security department manager of Engineering Consultants Group (ECG), gave a presentation on the intelligent cities integration portfolio, the development of communication technologies used, and its phases from the 1980s to the present time.

Sorour discussed the implementing mechanisms needed and the importance of raising awareness on the operations of the new infrastructure including water, energy management, traffic, air quality, and lighting system.

He remarked that the state holders, system integrators, owners, consultants, and constructors must cooperate together to achieve sustainability. He also discussed the Smart Waste Management System and its impact on reducing the operational costs. Alfred Tharwat, the business development, training and consultancy regional head at R&M, followed Sorour with a presentation on the scope of business for R&M, which focuses primarily on the development and manufacturing of cabling technology for communications networks.

Tharwat elaborated on the conductivity optimization process through the performance of the data technology, its speed, and working with different cables’ technology. He concluded with the challenges faced and the needed techniques to reach management optimization.

Intelligent Cities Exhibition and Conference (ICEC) 2017 is a two day exhibition and conference held between October 23-24. It brings together senior level decision makers  and private sector representatives to show case the latest technologies, sustainable solutions, and best practices for managing sustainable cities.

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