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6 major excuses that disturb productivity

All people dream big, but not all achieve big; productivity is the key of success, some people have the strength to wake up every day and break the ultimate walls, others are too lazy to make it through the day. We Egyptians are commonly known as the “masters” of excuses, so here is a list of excuses people need to drop in the exact moment to increase productivity.

1. I did not get enough sleep

We all understand that sleeping is one of the essential things in life, but we create our own biological clock, so if you did not have enough sleep,  it was obviously your own choice to get in bed late in the first place, thus organize your time, chill at night, and sleep tight.

2. I am bored


People need to separate between their work and their daily routine,there is always that time where everything seems boring and life is full of optimism, but getting board from your clothes, your car, or from the people around you is totally different from getting bored of working because obviously working is not an option, but shifting career is always on the table.

3. I am not satisfied with the salary

Money, money, money…  The motive behind any job, the hidden reason behind our education, I know you need to pay up all your bills and save up for your trips, but you got to be realistic. No one ever got hired the moment one graduated with thousands of dollars job.So forget about the money, work hard, and have faith in what you do.

4. I hate my boss 

Well, start hating that person when you achieve what he has done.  Not all people you will face are friendly and helpful, try to learn from the people around you, even if the lesson was how to deal with tough people.Work hard on yourself and stop expecting your boss to spoon-feed you.


5.My job is affecting my personal life

Even though this statement means that one is a workaholic, but the moment one realizes that his personal life is drifting apart one’s productivity would get affected. Thus time management is required. Office hours are obviously for office and free time is for your family, so I guess the busiest person on earth would find 5 minutes free at night to read a story for his child.

6.Stress & anxiety

Does this job suit me? Am I going to be successful?

Am I good at what I do? Am I improving? Are they going to promote me? This is hard I cannot do it

! If I did something wrong I’ll get fired! I have to quit! I’ll quit! STOP worrying this is definitely affecting your productivity; anxiety does not get any better;


focus on what you are doing, try to get the best out of you, believe in yourself, and relax there is nothing to weep about.

Our productivity defines us, thus get enough sleep, stay positive, learn from the people around you, manage your time, and believe in yourself. Stop making excuses and get the best out of you.


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